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8 Exquisite design trends in 2020! “As we evolve, our homes should too.”- Suzanne Tucker Let us take a look at how our newly designed spaces could look in the coming year. 1.     Natural materials and Greenery ·         Use of natural elements like wood, stone etc. to bring in a bit of ‘nature’ inside. ·         Green adds a perfect pop of colour to a more neutral scheme space. Splashes of solid green d├ęcor combined with some bonsai and indoor plants will definitely make the space look more harmonious. ·         Vertical gardens are the perfect solution for improving the aesthetics and the air quality of indoor areas.            2.     Colourful bold patterns ·         Geometrical, floral, textured patterns will be the perfect offset for monochromatic colour schemes. They keep the spaces from falling flat. ·         Furniture, Light fixtures, Artefacts, Fabrics, Curtains, rugs which have a patterned design, add to the character of the space.          

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