6 Striking Dining rooms in Distinctive Interior Styles!

From ultra formal spaces used primarily for entertaining in sprawling homes to multifunctional informal nooks in compact apartments, Dining areas are quintessential to Living spaces.
This area is essentially a semi-private zone connecting public spaces like the Living and Foyer to private zones like the Kitchen and Bedroom spaces.

Theme appropriate Dining table, a side board to hold crockery pieces and a bar unit, if requirement demands are the primary furniture units in this space. Mirrors, Art work and murals, Carpets, Plants and Lighting all add to the ambience of the space.

This post looks at Dining rooms that incorporate the above elements in different styles of design.

·      Rustic

This style encompasses materials in its natural, rugged form without much ornamentation. Forms are predominantly organic. Colours and textures remain earthy and simple.

·      Traditional

Symmetry in form and design, rich and opulent Colours, Antique furniture and Decor pieces and classic Artwork define this type of style. This style exudes a very formal look.

·      Industrial

Finishing materials in its natural state for structural elements and Exposed electrical and plumbing services lines are the prime characteristics of an Industrial style. Steel, Wood, Linen and Leather are the basic materials used, while colour palette is chiefly Grey and White.

·      Modern

Simplicity and minimalism in form, colour palette and use of materials aptly defines this style. Wood, Plastic and glossy metals are used for furniture pieces devoid of any ornamentation. It is widely known as a mid-century style as it reached its zenith in the 50’s and 60’s.

·      Contemporary

It is a constantly evolving style with elements inspired by the Modern style, while also being futuristic. Minimalism is the key in a neutral Colour palette, simple organic forms and current chic materials like reclaimed wood, steel, glass, acrylic etc.

·      Eclectic

Creating a unique style by harmoniously blending elements of two or more styles is Eclectic. Forms, Colour and Patterns of furniture units and decor pieces are bold and robust. The walls in this style are kept muted in pastel shades or white.

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