8 Exquisite design trends in 2020!

“As we evolve, our homes should too.”- Suzanne Tucker
Let us take a look at how our newly designed spaces could look in the coming year.

1.    Natural materials and Greenery
·        Use of natural elements like wood, stone etc. to bring in a bit of ‘nature’ inside.
·        Green adds a perfect pop of colour to a more neutral scheme space. Splashes of solid green décor combined with some bonsai and indoor plants will definitely make the space look more harmonious.
·        Vertical gardens are the perfect solution for improving the aesthetics and the air quality of indoor areas.


2.    Colourful bold patterns
·        Geometrical, floral, textured patterns will be the perfect offset for monochromatic colour schemes. They keep the spaces from falling flat.
·        Furniture, Light fixtures, Artefacts, Fabrics, Curtains, rugs which have a patterned design, add to the character of the space. 


3.    Glitzy metals
·        Lustrous metals and their use in various ways like metal inlay on wardrobe shutters, kitchen units, curio cabinets, pendant light fixtures, partition walls, furniture etc. will brighten up the space considerably due to their reflective nature.

4.    Maximalism design
·        Big bold patterns, vibrant colours, rich fabrics, heavy furniture, colourful wall decor and paintings are the true essence of maximalism design. Combining all these aspects in apt proportions would definitely light up any space.

5.    Dramatic blacks and whites
·        The high contrast black and white themes are the new dynamic duo for an interior design mood palette.
·        This look is pretty dynamic and will remain timeless.

6.    Graceful colours
·        Designers are all looking into shades of pink, lavender etc. but in a very subtle way. Blush, Bronze, Taupe and other light pastel shades would blend in nicely in spaces with neutral schemes or with spaces having brighter shades.
·        From walls to textures and accessories, these shades add a delicate touch to the overall feel of the space.

7.    Eye-catching neon signage
·        Neon signage and lighting can make a commercial space or your private space trendy and hip along with making it look old school!

8.    Luxurious Velvet and Corduroy
·        Designers are bringing back Velvet into their focus for interiors.
·        Velvet and Corduroy upholstered sofas, chairs, headboards, pelmets etc could make for a great statement piece for any space.

As you observe and assimilate these beautiful trends, we shall take leave until next time.

Wish you all a great year ahead and hope to hear from you all soon.


  1. There is a major paradigm shift in the use of materials and it's good that we are considering to go simple and bold rsther than grand and striking

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