6 Diverse Pointers to Induce Sophistication to a Placid Pastel Palette!

Looking for spaces that are calm and soothing, Pastel colours are the way to go. But, do Pastels conjure up images of only baby rooms and spaces with a feminine touch? Well, not really.  

Through this post we look at different spaces that use Pastel colours in ways that are ‘grown up’, elegant, sophisticated and in some cases masculine as well. 

Pairing select elements with Pastel colours help uplift a bland palette and enliven a space.

·       Darker shades of Pastels

-          Using a darker shade of one colour from the colour scheme helps invigorate the space.
-          This hue can by itself be a focus point or act as backdrop to host decor elements.

·       Minimalism

-          Using forms that are dominated by clean crisp lines in Pastel colours create chic spaces.
-          Furnishings and furniture pieces with very little ornamentation in complementing pastel colours also helps forge a dignified appearance.

·       Natural Textures and Finishes

-          Wood finishes like Bamboo, Maple, Oak, Rattan, Mahogany etc are a perfect complement to Pastel colours.
-          Textural balance in a space can be achieved when rough surfaces of natural elements are paired with mellow soothing colours. 

·       Patterns and Graphics  

-          A dominant Art work or a collection of Curio pieces in deeper complementary shades of the near neutral Pastel hues in a room energizes it.
-          Furnishings like Curtains and Cushions covers with floral or geometric patterns add that much needed liveliness to a room in calm Pastels.

·       Metallic Lustre

-          Using Hardware fittings, Light fixtures and Decor elements in shiny metallic finishes add a sparkle element to the dominant charming pastels in a space.

·       Undertones of Grey

-          A combination of Pastel hues with tones of grey with neutral hues is an ideal way to create a classy contemporary look.
-          Adding tones of grey to a Pastel palette can add a masculine touch to a space and also help establish a gender neutral zone.

A versatile colour palette, Pastels make a conducive canvas for different design styles ranging from Classic to Contemporary.

Leaving you to contemplate on Aqua, Turquoise, Lavenders and light Greys, It’s goodbye from us until next time...



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