5 valuable pointers to Multifunctional spaces!

“Less is more” said well known Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe... This adage is so apt and relevant in our present times.  
Rapid urbanization has reduced the footage area per person and habitable spaces come at a premium. This in turn urges users to accomplish more in the limited spaces available to them.
How would one achieve this?
Being Multifunctional is the way out then...
Carving out compact zones for different uses by segregating them with multipurpose units and specially designed furniture pieces are a couple of ways that go into creating such spaces.
We have compiled a few such innovative examples for today’s reading.
·       Niche spaces for diverse activities
Appropriate placement of furniture units helps make the best use of disposable spaces in a compact unit.

-          Using the volume of a room effectively by allocating sleeping areas above storage areas.

Photo by Ernesto Santalla PLLC - Search home office design ideas

-          Making use of a dominant feature of space, like the length in a long room effectively, by combining different activities in a single linear furniture piece.

·       Efficient use of different elements
Design elements like Line, Colour and Texture and Decor pieces like Paintings, potted plants and Screens help segregate a multi-utility space.

Photo by Susan Diana Harris Interior Design - Search bedroom pictures

-          Apt use of various elements like Vertical lines, Light and Mirrors help add volume to a compact space.

Photo by Allen+Killcoyne Architects - Search living room pictures

-          Using the same flooring throughout a small space with distinct false ceilings for different activities is an excellent way to create a spacious feel while visually segregating activity zones.
-          Perforated partition screens are a visually lighter option to demarcate different zones.

·       Multi-use furniture pieces

Furniture designed with clever additions to allow for varied functions is an useful factor in multi-use spaces.

Photo by Ute Günther wachgeküsst INNENARCHITEKTUR+DESIGN - Search living room design ideas

-          A concealed pull-out work surface behind a drawer facade converts a seating area into a work zone.

Photo by Elayne Barre Photography - Search bedroom design ideas

-          A curio cum storage unit doubles as a partition member between a lounge and a sleeping area.
-          It can also serve as a point of focus in an otherwise simple interior.

·         Merging diametrically opposite Space uses
Behind hidden doors or shall we call it an art of concealment is an ingenious way to incorporate drab work zones along with mainstream living areas.

Photo by Insignia Homes - Search utility room design ideas

-          A lounge, work table and a laundry all gathered together in the same space. The machines and essentials of laundry are neatly hidden behind shutters that could easily be mistaken as doors to a room.

Photo by Statkus Architecture Pty Ltd - Search living room pictures

-          A work space, play station, laundry machines and a tiny kitchenette all fit into separate niches in an interesting bespoke partition wall.

·       Switchable uses in a single space
Fold away furniture pieces like a Murphy bed and folding dining tables make it possible for a space to be used for varied purposes at different times in a day.

Photo by Eye 4 Detail - Search home office design ideas

-           A Home office with storage units on one wall for most of the day, but something lurks in its background...

Photo by Eye 4 Detail - Search home office design ideas

-          It doubles as a spare Guest room at a later time with a fold away bed built into the storage unit.

Photo by Black and Milk | Interior Design | London - More living room photos

-          A seemingly inconspicuous Living space with mirror panels on one wall and curio shelves behind the seating, but what secret does it hide?

Photo by Black and Milk | Interior Design | London - Search bedroom design ideas

-          A pull down bed that sits over the Sofa to double as a bedroom at night. The mirror panels are shutters that open to reveal storage space and a small work table.

We leave you now to relish the various spaces we have shared hoping these spaces inspire you to creatively combine multiple uses in a single room.
Goodbye then, until next time...


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