6 Interesting ways Mirrors can enhance a Space!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
In what ways will you spruce our spaces and enthrall?
Gone are the days when a Mirror was used only as an utilitarian object in Bedrooms and washrooms. In its contemporary avatar, Mirrors used as artefacts in very many different ways and we have compiled a few of them for you.

-          A narrow Foyer or passage comes alive with the addition of this element which helps create an illusion of space.
-           A large Mirror on one wall in a narrow room can help increase the depth of the space visually.

-          A free standing Mirror on a fairly bare wall creates a perception of other colours, patterns and texture by reflecting other areas of the space.

-          As a decor element, it can be used to help create contrast to the prevalent textures in the room.

-          Mirrors when used to clad furniture pieces, add a delicate and elegant feel to it by making it visually light.

-          Mirrors can be used as artefacts when mounted with interesting frames and used in different shapes and patterns.

-          On a utilitarian note, Mirrors can help increase the brightness of a room when strategically placed adjacent to a window or a light source.

That’s all from us for now. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, its goodbye from our end...



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